Even though women are closing the gap in critical areas such as health and education globally, significant gender inequality persists in the workforce, economic participation and in politics. Should progress continue at this rate, the 2017 Global Gender Gap Report estimates it will be another 217 years before we achieve gender parity.

Globally women’s share among senior positions both in the public sector and in business is not progressing, only 22% of individuals holding senior managerial positions are women. In some fields, the representation of women is far lower, with women holding fewer than 20% of leadership positions. The rate of progress for women has been very slow; over the past decade, the proportion of female leaders has increased by an average of just over 2%.

When it comes to girls, seven in ten girls today believe they are not good enough and are more afraid, hesitant and feel insecure about taking on leadership roles, getting out of their comfort zone and following their dreams. Eighty-six per cent of women remember being taught to be nice to others growing up, but only 44% remember being taught to be a good leader and only 34% were taught to share their point of view.

On a global scale, every day, millions of women and girls around the world are denied their basic human rights. 32 million girls who should be in school are currently out of school. Inequalities faced by girls can begin right at birth and as girls move into adolescence, gender disparities widen.


So how do we inspire young women and girls around the world to believe in a fair and diverse future when we are not changing the status of women today?

The solution might not be easy, but it is clear: we need to support more women thrive economically, take on leadership roles and have a greater voice in our society. We also need to unite our expertise and resources to build personal development, leadership and mentoring programs for young women in our society. In fact, three in four (76%) women wish they would have learned more about leadership when they were growing up, and that they had more opportunities to learn how to lead when they were growing up.

Empowering women and investing in girls is an economic no-brainer. “Gender equality is critical for the economic well-being of both men and women, of society as a whole.” One of the most powerful ways to empower women and improve the economy and the wellbeing of any country is having women in leadership positions both in business and public office. But how do we obtain that? We need more women who can raise awareness, lead by example and more importantly invest in the next generation.

While progress has been made over the past years, it is clear that we still have a long way to go, especially when it comes to leadership and economic participation. Encouraging more female leadership is one of the levers for increasing gender equality, however, if we truly want to get there, it will require men and women, at all levels, to embrace and promote diversity and inclusion.

Elevate International brings a unique approach to this mission by combining personal development, leadership and philanthropy nationally and internationally

  1. Elevate International is especially designed to unite corporations, community leaders, members of the parliament and the government, creating an opportunity to elevate women and girls together, uniting in strength and resources to move forward a common objective: Gender Diversity. Together we elevate women and girls in unique ways that are specific to each community, city, corporations and / or country.
  2. Our objective is to empower women through the elevation of leadership, business and philanthropy while creating strong partnerships with national and international leaders to create and provide the best programs and the most up to date resources on leadership, economic growth and community building.
  3. We elevate young women through personal development, leadership and mentoring programs while finding solutions to the challenges today’s young women face in our society.
  4. Globally, Elevate International raises funds for girl programs around the world through UNICEF’s Gender Equality Initiative.
  5. Elevate International supports and promotes organizations that are helping women in need advance and thrive.

“Gender equality is not an issue faced by just half of the population, but by all. Private sector and government, men and women, young and old, we must all be in this together. Youth are not the leaders of tomorrow, but today. Let’s empower our youngest leaders, and make sure that men are an active part of the solution. It is only with the full participation of all those actors that we will be able to give more women and girls the opportunity to reach their potential. This is the only way to create more respect and justice in our countries and worldwide”.

Madame Sophie Grégoire Trudeau