Core​ ​Values


Commitment is the heart of Elevate International. We are not only committed to inspire, empower and elevate women and girls, but more importantly, we are committed to never settle. Striving to continuously grow and rise above to build the best programs, workshops and conferences for women and girls in Canada and across the globe.

Diversity​ ​and​ ​Inclusion

At Elevate International we wholeheartedly believe in serving and treating all people with dignity and respect. Believing that our culture of diversity and inclusion is our contribution to making communities, Canada and the world, a peaceful, safe and better place. We serve every person with respect and sensitivity towards gender, cultural and religious differences.


Honesty, respect and confidentiality are important parts of serving with integrity, internally and externally. With the objective to maintain high ethical standards, we treat every individual with respect while encouraging open conversations and building honest relationships and partnerships. It is very important for Elevate International that those who come through our programs feel confident and respected.