What makes Elevate Women unique

What Makes Elevate Women Unique?

We all finally come together as one. All women in leadership on the same mission: learning, growing, sharing enriching conversations while also advancing gender diversity. Creating the change we need to see for women today and for generations to come. United as one voice to shape the future of women’s leadership and economic growth.

What makes Elevate Women unique is the ability to bring together women leading in all sectors to be part of the conversations that are shaping our country and advancing gender diversity globally while we also creating opportunities for women to grow as leaders, advance their professional career and businesses while connecting with like minded women.

Our goals:

  1. Support more women thrive as leaders, entrepreneurs and community builders
  2. Contribute to the government's objectives for empowering women and advancing gender diversity
  3. Help corporations improve gender diversity among boards and on their executive leadership
  4. As a result of great leadership and strong economic growth have the ability to enhance the lives of those in our communities.
But what stands apart is our dedication to elevate women is the unique commitment elevate women leading in all sectors across Canada and around the world by working with highest levels of executives, entrepreneurs and corporations to provide the best leadership tools and knowledge to women in leadership today so that they to, can go back in their professions and communities and be greater leaders while also opening doors and being role models for the next generation of women in leadership.

Elevate Membership

Elevate Memberships creates opportunities for women in leadership to grow as leaders, advance professionally, while connecting with like minded women.

Elevate Women National Conference

The National Elevate Women Conference is an annual conference hosted on Person’s Day (October 18), Bringing together leaders from all sectors to stimulate new thinking and inspiring action to advance women’s leadership and economic growth.

Dedicated to advance women’s leadership and economic empowerment, the conference focuses on empowering women to be leaders of change and for more women to take on leadership roles, reach new heights and realize the direct positive impact women’s leadership has in every community and in the world today. Economically, the conference inspires and supports female entrepreneurs to build thriving businesses and lead large companies locally and globally.

The conference includes inspirational thought leaders and visionary speakers, executive leadership training, mentoring and high level networking.


Entre-Nous events; bringing together incredible women leading in business, philanthropy, government, politics and education. Creating enriching conversations on women’s leadership and economic growth with great opportunities for high level networking.
Our mission is to inspire, empower and elevate women. We connect our members with thought leaders, visionaries and the most influential leaders of our time. The diversity of our mentors and speakers allows us to guarantee have something elevating for every woman.